Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How to make lives better

Okay, I'm back. I'm feeling inspired again.

Last night I was bored, so I decided to watch a documentary on my computer called What the Bleep do we Know [sic]. I failed to understand which of its theses it was advocating primacy over, which did nothing to unify its message. I did however glean that perhaps this was not the point - that instead I, as the audience memeber, had the responsibility to absorb whichever message I chose to, for my mind constructed my entire interpretation of it. I took from it two main points.

1. We really really do construct our worlds entirely from our own minds. Thoughts are physical and have mass. The experiments spoken about have performed less well on scientific testing than portrayed, yet I do not feel this has done anything to disprove it either. Psychologists cannot explain the placebo effect or somatosensory disorders, which all prove that thoughts can alter chemistry. This means they have energy, and can therefore affect mass.

2. Our emotions are addictive. Through much discussion with a friend as well as this movie, lately I've begun to understand that EMOTIONS ARE DRUGS. Does this make sense? Emotions release neurotransmitters, which work the exact same way drugs do. Our brains then become addicted to experiencing the emotions. So we create much drama in life. We drive fast, construct ridiculous rules in society about sex and relationships and shout and yell over them because the rush is addictive. All emotions are based off exactly the same chemical reaction. It is only your brain that creates context and therefore decides which emotion is the 'correct' one.

This brings me to my overall point. Our lives, then, are for us to make how we want. Our thoughts construct reality, not the other way round. The reality we see around us is nothing but collective imagination. There are as many universes as there are quantum possibilities. As humans we are agents of consciousness. Right now I feel our consciousness is at war with itself and highly self-destructive. The consciousness is ever-evolving, and we are manifests of it.Think of your body as the engine of this consciousness. Emotions, then, are neither good nor bad, the same way drugs are. They can be used for purposes of good or evil. Morality is simply a balance system by the game designer brain of the collective consciousness. However, WE ARE AGENTS, inasmuch as we can affect the programmming of the game.

By living lives that consist of making everyone happy, and the world collectively a happier place, we reinforce happiness. And if we do the opposite and fight wars verbal and military, we reinforce sadness. This is crucial. The consciousness is something that works on principles of inertia and momentum. The more collectively happy the consciousness is, the more it will be like gravitational force -accelarating closer and closer to the target. However, if the consciousness is damaged by sadness, it will be the same, only replace 'the target' with 'destruction'. We are the ones that can see this and therefore change it.

Strive to make as many people happy as possible. Use efficiency principles. That, I believe, is how we will elevate our consciousness and fulfill our destinies. By elevation of consciousness, one day we will be able to answer the questions to the mysteries of why we exist.

That's how you win the game.

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