Friday, June 17, 2011

Learning to think objectively

This is a post I've been promising I'd make lately. I've needed a few days to think this through, mostly because it deals with the ever-so-misunderstood concept of female sexuality.

Yes, yes. I'm a man. Don't give me crap, for this is EXACTLY the kind of thing an outsider needs to say. So stick by me for this and then yell at me afterward.

In the early days, people tended to be conservative as a whole. They considered things like sex and nudity taboo or profane, in oppositon to religiously acceptable behaviours, which were considered sacred. This meant that, publicly at least, both men and women would restrict and censor all things related to sex, while trying to cultivate an image of the ideal person as monogamous, faithful and religious. Sex was somthing to be delayed until marriage. Some men, who were nothing less than complete assholes, realised they could abuse and dominate women more if they restricted the womens' sexuality a bit more than their own. Then they could get all the sex they needed from their harem, while raising a society in which boys learned to relate all women to sexless mother figures (think of the image of a nun in a Catholic school), and girls were taught to think of all men as potentially violent sexual predators. In this absolutely dystopian vision, men would always have to be the sexual 'agressors' or dominant partners, and women would fiercely reject any man that didn't fit their ideal image given to them by the media, as it was socially acceptable to limit them to only one partner.

Of course, not everyone bought this patriarchal crap, least of all women. Many women essentially formed two groups, one no more than a caricature of the other. Unfortunately, they both went by the name 'feminists'. One group is legitimately concerned with the civil rights of women. The other is essentially a vengeful backlash against a group of sexist men, so a group of sexist women. Sadly, this group has gotten plenty of media attention. Think Disney cartoons, and the Lifetime channel. This group is just as conservative as the old patriarchal assholes. They want to suppress all sexuality, male and female. They run abstinence-only groups and teach that abortions are evil. And they do it all in the name of feminism. Quite simply, fuck all of you.

This is where I come in, and agree with the group of women that ARE concerned with civil rights, along with men who believe in these things also. I (and others) advocate a sex-positive society, that is equally accepting of both male and female sexuality. I know men that actually believe that any and all of their sexual advances are unwelcome just because they are men and their sexuality is worth 'less' than women's.

Don't believe me? Watch ANY average 'teenage' comedy about sex in the last twenty years. 99 times out of 100, it will be the GUY on a mission to get laid, with the GIRL's validation as all-important. The guys are portrayed as lecherous perverts (for JUST wanting to get laid, their characters were ripped apart, for this TERRIBLE CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY) and girls were shown as chaste and heroic for not having sex. Can you see that this is retarded? For guys that aren't born with a menagerie of social skills, we need the media to teach us things. We watch and we learn that we are evil just for having sexual desires, and that any guy that gets laid has 'gotten lucky', rather than, perhaps, just for once, being an object of a female's desire?

Above all else: Women like sex just as much as men, they just won't openly admit to it. Several studies have been done showing this to be true. And why is this? Because the conservative media has taught them to be this way. What's that you say, I'm crazy, women really ARE chaste and well-behaved? Well, why not take a link to the site My internet addiction has led me to a site where people post funny text messages they receive that tell stories about their lives. Read a few pages. Now think back to teen comedies and the guys talking about pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy, tits, tits, tits. Now go back on the site. Does it look like a bunch of horny guys? Not to me. I find far more references, in fact, to the sexual 'objectification' of men.

Rock on! I know I've said this before, but BOTH sexes need to be objectified. Because when that happens, sexism will become the joke it deserves to be, rather than anything serious. And then we can approach something of a sex-positive society.

Now go out and get laid. You might just (both) enjoy it.

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