Thursday, June 9, 2011

There's no business like show-business

Or so the saying goes.

Today, an interesting thing happened. My film class, as a whole, is interested in doing internships and expanding our careers in film, as that is what is necessary to be a successful filmmaker in Cape Town (or anywhere, really).

Our class got into contact with CTV (Cape Town Community Television, see and ) and upon the arrival of 6-7 of us, we were all presented with several opportunities. I shall update as I get more information, but this is what is on the cards:

Participation community shows - finding people's heroes and interviewing them
An education show
Half-hour episodes of talk shows with us as students
Editing several projects sent in
Screenings of documentaries that the class, and others, have made

All of this should, in the next 1-4 months (depending on how they all progress separately) be aired on CTV at some point. CTV relies on money from the government and is a non-profit organisation, so they cannot match the broadcast standards of commercial television, but with the influence of several soon-to-be UCT graduates involved, we shall try and produce high-quality programming (or as high-quality as 4:3 is ever going to get). I think we can have a positive influence on the place.

So if anyone is interested in watching these shows or many of CTV's other offerings, point your aerial towards Tygerberg Hill (that large mountain-like thing near Durbanville) and CTV is between ETV and SABCV on the UHF band.

I am greatly looking forward to the opportunity to do some work, have my films shown and attempt to benefit the community, in the unusual ways that I do things like this. The station's people that I have met before seem very open-minded and accepting of change, progress, new ideas.

This has always been an important thing to me: willingness to accept dynamism and flux in life. As Ferris Beuller famously said: "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it".

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