Monday, December 26, 2011

Dynamism (hey is that the correct term?)

I've just looked up both the words Dynamism and Dynamicism to figure out which may be the better word for what I'm about to describe. My lookup didn't help, and I have an article to write, so I figured fuck getting the title right.

This is a quick one, and this article asks the question of you: Where do YOU think this could go? What are YOUR ideas? The simple truth is, I don't have those answers. But we can build them if we have good suggestions and brainstorms.

The startting idea is, as humans, we need structures. Please don't get me wrong, I am NOT saying we need hierarchies, or at least how such things typically play out. But we need ORGANISATION. It is because of organisation that we have engineers, scientists, system administrators, educators and many many people that are working a lot of the time to make our lives easier. Organisation is very clearly an important ability to possess.

I believe very possibly that humans can collectively build not so much a Utopia as much as a Dynamic Mutual Society whose very founding principle is that it is dynamic. It embraces change and new learning. And to build such a society, we are going to need ridiculous amounts of organisation. Think of space shuttles and the number of engineering variables that need to be taken into account when you send humans into motherfucking space. Fourteen people are dead as a result of  minor things that went wrong on space shuttle missions. While this, quite frankly sucks, it proves the point of the necessity of organisation when complex systems are being dealt with. Sociologists study the way humans create societies, and they will explain that human societies are quite as complicated and intricate as advanced engineering. Or you could ask neurologists, most of whom believe that the human brain is the most complicated and intricate 'machine' that science has ever discovered.

The point of all of this is that societies not only can, but SHOULD be engineered. And I don't mean engineered by shady corporate interests. I mean built, quite literally from nothing but intellect and great organisation and the participation of everyone who chooses, out of their free will, to join the society contstruction project. For example, The Venus Project. Please note that by including this, I am not suggesting this as the ONLY or CORRECT solution - just an example of people who decided to start thinking seriously about reconstructing society and why such a thing is necessary. Even if you hate people like Jacque Fresco and Peter Joseph with a passion, if you honestly believe that you wouldn't learn something new from reading their drafted manifesto, which is available from the previous link, then you are one seriously ignorant person. Always remember that you determine your own level of involvement here. I think that Fresco and Joseph do a very good job of explaining these important ideas for us all. One thing they are certain to mention is how they understand that they are not looking for utopia, but rather a society that is always under maintenance, constantly being improved wherever possible in the name of efficiency and greater achievement. In the end, we're all after the same things. Happiness, reached potential. Success at the cost of nothing but well-used effort.

Things to aspire to, in my opinion. And to build such a society, we have to learn to think dynamically. That means, embracing change - understanding that change is not only inevitable, the only way to make change good for us is to seek constant improvement. That is the essence of dynami(ci)sm. If you remember nothing from my message except this, then remember this: EMBRACE CHANGE.

This is probably not an original idea, but I don't give a fuck, so: Why not call our society Dynamitopia?

As I said in the beginning, I don't really know how any of this could play out and therefore seek constructive conversation about it.

Good night.

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