Sunday, January 8, 2012


I've met many people over the course of a lifetime who, oddly enough, seem to have humanity all figured out. I usually ask such wise people to share their insight with me, and am most often met with a result suspicously similar to one of the following.

-People suck
-People are cruel
-You shouldn't care too much about people because they will always disappoint you in the end

When I ask for proof of such assertions, I typically get answers such as Nazi Germany, Russian communists and Internet trolls. Basically, their thesis is that because there are this many shitty people in the world, that shittiness itself is the lowest common denominator following humanity itself.

The simple truth is that yes, while there are extreme examples of human cruelty and inaction in the face of extreme violence, there are also extreme examples of selflessness and goodness that all too often go unnoticed because they are performed by everyday people. As such, they are not 'newsworthy' and slip under the radar.

No extreme examples are going to tell us very much about human nature, anyway. They are outliers. And it is my belief that humans are in fact inherently good, but can be easily corrupted. Most people WANT to be good, they just don't know how.

Why don't they know this? I think you can see where this is going. Goodness is easy to corrupt. If you make people believe that if they are good, they will be walked all over and bullied (which is easy to do if you are one of the bullies) but convince them that if they look out solely for their self-interest (which all too often ends up being the interest of the upper-classes) they will be OK, then perhaps they'll try it. And in the beginning they may even appear to succeed. For they arent being bullied anymore, which negatively reinforces their behaviour of supporting the man. It doesnt matter if the man was the one bullying them in the first place.

See, people really WANT to do the right thing, but are corrupted into doing less because they believe it is the only way they will see results of their actions. Wake up. The system was not created for your benefit. If you want to do the right thing, then do this: Spread this information. Wake other people up. Educate. Be a leader. Save that person from the bullies. Intervene. You may just save their life, and then that person could one day become someone influential that saves the world.

Because the world needs to be saved. There is too much preventable unhappiness in the world at the moment, and we have all been conditioned to accept this state of affairs, lest it be us suffering like that.

It doesnt need to be this way.

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