Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Neurotypical Emulator

The following post is based strongly off a conversation I had with a good friend. You know who you are.. thanks man.

Understanding of this article will be quite strongly biased in favour of those who have a decent understanding of computers and programming at their most basic levels. If you struggle to understand the terms I use, it would really be better to look them up as I can't predict in advance how many terms I'm going to have to define for different members of my audience. Of course, you can always just ask me what I mean, too.

Hypothetically, aspies run different operating systems to neurotypical people. Not necessarily better or worse, just different. And there are many more NTs (neutorypicals) in the world than aspies, so NTs by default are running different variations, but with mostly similar source code operating systems. Aspies have a different system. Neither should change their native OS, because their native one is the most efficient type of system for their neurochemistry. (This is far from suggesting neither should IMPROVE their OS or use different examples as a way of learning), but that the building-block source code does not necessarily need a vendor change.

As Linux (an open-source OS) has Wine (an emulator designed to run Windows applications), aspies need a sort of emulator, or virtual machine to run NT apps. Exactly which applications constitute NT status are very disputed, and I will not attempt to list them in this post. That is a story for another occasion. What I would like you to remember though, is that the more tired the particular aspie is, the more bugs will be present in his/her NT emulator and the less effective that aspie will be in communcation. When the NT emulator crashes, the term 'meltdown' is used to explain the condition.

That is all, as I have to run.

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