Tuesday, May 10, 2011

And so it begins

I'm Dave, and I'm mad. Just something you should know before you read anything else I ever write.

My blog title comes from the fact that I have Asperger's syndrome. The community refers to its members as 'aspies'. The rest, I'm sure you can figure out.

I'm in an odd but exciting phase of my life. As such, I feel it necessary, to an extent, to document what I find and think of. If you find a really odd post by me, its likely I took, er, something beforehand. But I obviously feel it necessary to share in a certain way.

Right now, I'm busy in a computer laboratory on campus, compressing a movie I recently directed on education in South Africa. I intend to send it to Youtube and will upload the link below.

This is, for most intents and purposes, my true directorial debut. I've done informal stuff before, but this is the first time I've directed a film and had it screened at the cinema. I won't say too much about it as hopefully it can speak for itself, but I hope this is my start to an exciting film career and life ahead.

Link to Youtube video

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