Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Random rant

We are the postmodern youth. We realise how identities are constructed far better than the previous generation ever could. We realise that our countenance is built from fragments of experience and judgements thereupon. And therefore, we have a plea to you.

PLEASE sue us for using your music unlawfully in our 10-minute student documentaries that we are making SO MUCH MONEY off. That's your DAMAGES, all right. Sue us for the dishonour of your amazing music ending up on our rotten excuses for cinema and being disseminated to more critically-minded people than your audience. 

We feel your pain. We know how much it hurts when we give your source of income an alternative suggestion for dissemination. We know how much you just want to ruin our careers in revenge for money that WE WOULDN'T HAVE PAID ANYWAY. In all seriousness, we're not making ANYTHING for this except exposure. Our intention is to work WITH other creative artists, not to be forced to wait for permission response emails to take DAYS when we're on a DEADLINE. That's called bureaucracy and it's fucking with creativity, stifling it. I don't know about the others, but THIS postmodern youth certainly isn't accepting the status quo.

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